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1.2.2014- Jan. 2014: We are celebrating our 14th anniversary of serving deserving kids around the globe. Check out our latest newsletter in our Media Center and continue to follow us on Facebook for updates!
10.7.2013- Education Majors from Annie Wignall Foskett's Central College Collaboration Strategies Class and Annie’s Madison Elementary School 2nd Graders, were the first two groups of volunteers to come help fill bags at our new headquarters! We love our new space, and all of our volunteers! Together they are "making a difference, one Care Bag, one child at a time!"
10.7.2013- Care Bags Foundation Has A New Home (but please note, our shipping address has NOT changed!): Thanks to Rick Roush & Julia Prendergast, we have relocated into their main building in front of our old garage headquarters. It's a climate controlled, ground floor space, and a perfect place to store donations and fill bags for deserving kids! Check out photos of our new home on the Care Bags Foundation Facebook page!
6.3.2013- Read our latest newsletter for some exciting updates, view new photos posted of kids receiving Care Bags and to learn how we’re helping survivors affected by the Oklahoma Tornadoes by visiting our Media Center!
4.20.2013- United States Junior Chamber Names Annie Wignall Foskett, Founder/Director of Care Bags Foundation, as one of the 2013 Ten Outstanding Young Americans! To learn more about the TOYA awards and the nine other honorees, please visit our Media Center and click on our latest newsletter!

About Care Bags Foundation

Mission Statement

It is Care Bags Foundation's mission, which is a legal, nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, to provide Care Bags filled with new essential, helpful, fun, safe, and age appropriate items for children/youth (ages baby-18 yrs.) who are in need.

History of Care Bags

Care Bags Foundation was founded by Annie Wignall in Jan. 2000 when she was eleven years old. She is currently the President and Director of Care Bags Foundation. Annie got the idea to start this project after she learned there were lots of kids in crisis situations who have to leave their homes with very few of their own belongings. “ I love kids and wanted to do something to help make their lives better”, says Annie. Over the years, with increased support and donations from businesses, groups and individuals, along with numerous agencies who hand-deliver the bags, Annie’s idea has grown from a small home-based project helping a few Iowa kids, into a nationally recognized nonprofit organization that provides services to thousands of kids worldwide. Care Bags, which is run entirely by volunteer efforts, is now complete with its own headquarters for storing items and filling bags. As Annie Wignall says, “I know we can’t help everyone, but with your help we can make a difference, one Care Bag, one child at a time.”


It is our goal to help as many kids in need as we can, for as long as we can, and to encourage others to do the same.

What We Do

  • Create and distribute beautiful fabric Care Bags filled with essential and comforting items for needy children ages baby-18 years.

  • Fill over 100 Care Bags monthly at our Care Bags 4 Kids Headquarters in Iowa

  • Distribute Care Bags through children-service agencies and individuals across the United States.

  • Care Bags are also hand-delivered by our international partners and friends to displaced, abused and disadvantaged kids worldwide.

What You Can Do

Since Care Bags Foundation has no paid staff and is run entirely by volunteers, we count on people like you to help us help kids in need. You could:

  • Donate your time, money or items (See Donation list below or contact us for a current list of needed items).

  • Sew bags, bibs and children’s blankets (sample sewing directions for bags are available by email).

  • Encourage your family and friends to help you assist us with our project.

  • Adopt the idea and start a similar project of your own. A complete Care Bags Starter Kit to give you ideas on helping kids in your own community is available via email. Due to high costs the kit cannot be sent out by regular mail.

  • Find a way of your own to make a difference in the life of a child and encourage others to do the same.

Who Can Help

  • Any individual, of any age, who has a sincere desire to help children.

  • It is a perfect service project for schools, youth groups, 4-H Clubs, Girl/Boy Scout Troops, service organizations, church or religious groups, senior citizen programs, sewers, etc!

How Do I Get Started?

The first step is to have the desire to help others. The second is to take action! Here's how you can get started:

Click here to view the "How You Can Help" Adobe PDF document, or please contact us! We get tons of emails every day so please include your first/last name, age, town/state/country you live in, how/why you want to help, and complete email address. We’ll email you back with ideas and ways that can help you begin to make a positive difference in the lives of children!

A complete Care Bags Starter Kit is available upon request. Please contact us with your first/last name, age, town/state/country you live in, how/why you want to help, and complete email address (it must be capable of accepting attachments in order for you to receive it!). Due to high costs, the Care Bags Starter Kit, which will give you ideas on how to start a similar project of your own in your community, is only available via email and cannot be sent out by regular mail.


Anne has 3 different age appropriate “Care Bags” she provides to kids in need: for ages baby-2 yrs. (she attaches a Pink laminated poem to the outside of the cloth bag), for ages 3-12 yrs. (Blue laminated poem) and ages 13-18 yrs. (Yellow laminated poem). Sometimes on the back of the poem she writes “girl” or “boy” if the items are appropriate for one or the other gender. That way the agencies that distribute the care bags can be sure each bag is appropriate for the child/youth receiving it.

Here is a sample list of items that are often included in the bags. Other essential, safe, fun and age/gender appropriate items could also be added. All items must be new. For the safety of the recipients, no glass or food items are allowed.

Baby-2 year care bags (pink poem):

Small Toothbrush; Children’s Toothpaste; Baby Shampoo Soap; Bib; Kleenex; Books; Diapers; Baby Wipes; Small Stuffed Animal; Brush/Comb; Plastic Bottle/Cup; Socks; Receiving Blanket; Night Light; Pacifier; Toy (Rattle, Teething Ring, Baby Doll, etc.)

3-12 year care bags (blue poem):

Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Shampoo; Soap; Paper; Pen/Pencil; Book; Kleenex; Toy; Coloring/Activity Book; Crayons; Small Stuffed Animal; Stickers; Brush/Comb; Kid’s Meal/Ice Cream Gift Certificates; Cards/Games; Flashlight; Dental Floss; Cup

13-18 year care bags (yellow poem):

Toothbrush; Toothpaste; Dental Floss; Shampoo/Conditioner; Soap; Lotion; Journal/Book; Pad of Paper; Pen/Pencil; Deck of Cards/Crossword Puzzles; Feminine Pads (girls); Brush/Comb; Kleenex; Deodorant; Perfume/Cologne; Gift Certificates for Pizza/Ice Cream/Bowling/Videos/etc.; Plastic Cup; Shower-Cap

All items used in care bags are donated by individuals, businesses or service groups or are secured through grants. Donations of any of these items, as well as monetary donations, are tax deductible, greatly appreciated and should be sent to Care Bags Foundation Headquarters at:

Care Bags Foundation
C/O Annie Wignall
623 E. 17th St. N.
Newton, IA 50208

*The toothpaste, soap, shampoo, lotions, etc. can all be sample sizes.
We are also looking for volunteers to sew bags, bibs and receiving blankets!

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