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Welcome to my website for the Care Bags 4 Kids! I do all this to help families with kids. If you are here, you must want to help too, and that’s a great thing! So take a look at all the neat things Care Bags is up to and contact me if you have any questions, comments or ideas!

Your Friend, Linda Jones

Care Bags 4 Kids Goal

girl drawingCare Bags 4 Kids was created with the goal of talking about family issues in neatly packed family tips that will reach everyone. The simple family stories my family and I share n this family blog are here for you. So, what are we going to share? Our family health stories, problems, and solutions, everything that will keep you up-to-date with the what you need to keep your family members healthy. We will also be sharing our small home improvements projects. Everything we do to make our sweet home super comfy. But that’s not all! We will be sharing our family trips. We don’t travel that often, but when it comes to that, we loooove documenting it as the internet demands it – through a lot of photos on social media. So, don’t forget to follow us!

Don’t forget to read our latest blog posts for some exciting updates, view new photos posted of our kids growing.

Read our latest posts here!

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