Where to Buy Cool Pool Floats?

Pool parties are always going to be a popular place to spend hot summer days and nights with friends and families. Everyone loves going to the pool, no matter what age they are. Grab a cool drink, put some sun lotion on, and to top it all off, you’ll need a pool float that really says that you know how to party!

Why the sudden interest for floaters?

Floaters are just pure fun – that’s what they are made for and what you get with one. These inflating pool figurines were always around, but they became a total hit in the Summer of 2016, especially the animal pool floats. The most popular one is the Unicorn, but the flamingo and giant pizza slice are also up there.

We think that Instagram and famous celebs like Taylor Swift used them in their music videos. Anyway, everyone wants one these days and some companies can even make you your own floater for a price. The internet is full of fun ideas for floaters, as well as many funny and awesome videos of people using them. So, do you want to try one or are you going to stay in the dark?

What types of floaters are there?

Well, since they are around for quite some time, there are many different types of floating toys. The ones we all know of are the standard inflatable beds that are around since the early 50s. You can see one every time you go to the pool or to a beach, but they are old news, the newest cool pool floats come in a shape of a crocodile, or a small island with a palm on it.


You can even buy one that looks like a bitten donut – which was among the most popular models last year. The two-person lounger is always popular as it can accommodate two people. You can even find models designed especially for babies. They have a canopy which protects your baby from getting sunburns. If some of these pool floats sound like something you’d like to own, take a quick look at what https://bigpoolfloats.com/ has in store. Their prices are fair and their offer is quite large.

Are there floaters for the entire family?

The answer to this question is yes, but they are still new on the market, so they are sometimes hard to come by. When an offer hits the stores, they usually get sold in under an hour. These mega pool floats are designed to be large and sturdy. They can take up to 6, some can even accommodate 10 people.

You can usually find drink holders, pillows and other awesome features attached to these floats. They are designed for maximum enjoyment, which is why they are so expensive. Most models are made only on demand, so you might have to wait for a month or two until it arrives. Either way, pool floats are an absolute must for the upcoming Summer, so get one and all of the neighbors will be peeking into your yard.

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