Kamra Inlay vs Raindrop Eye Surgery – Which is Better?

Many people with eyesight problems are constantly looking for efficient ways how they could get rid of the nasty habit of having to wear contact or reader lenses or reading glasses. That can be a real bore especially if you manage to forget to take them with you when you go somewhere. If you do not want to use glasses or lenses ever again and you happen to suffer from blurry vision, nearsightedness or farsightedness, Kamra inlay might be the solution you have been searching for.  

This corrective procedure has but one aim and that is to get rid of diminishing vision when it comes to nearsightedness and it can help to improve the problems that occur mostly due to the aging process. By inserting an inlay in the upper layers of the cornea, it is possible to correct eye vision to both close up and at a distance. The inlay is thinner and smaller than any contact lens and it can be very beneficial to the patients.

Outpatient procedure

Compared to a raindrop eye surgery, one of the most common laser eye surgeries in NYC, it takes less time to do it, the results are much better, it permanently removes both nearsightedness and farsightedness and restores vision back to normal in a few days. One of the biggest benefits and the main reason why Kamra inlay is better than any other eye surgery procedure is simply that it does not require the patient to stay in the clinic or hospital over the night.


It is what is known as an outpatient procedure and it takes no longer than 15 minutes to perform. Even though healing time greatly varies from patient to patient, we are talking about a few days at the max. Some reports are saying that patients came back to work after only two days. The expectations are that a patient will be able to normally see well at distance and close up within three weeks maximum. So, if you have noticed that you need glasses to see at all at near or far, you just might be a perfect candidate for Kamra inlay.

The development of innovative technology has brought many good advantages to the medical table, this amazing procedure being one of them. These small procedures do not only guarantee good results, it also does everything to protect the patient from any further damage. The doctors are well aware of how important vision is to every person.

That is why they worked hard to come up with a procedure that will not take long to perform and is easy to heal from. The surgeon experts and specialists managed to figure out how to sharpen the focus and expand the clear vision range to get a brighter eye-sight at far or close up. There is no need for you to think about wearing glasses ever again, this small 15-minute surgery will greatly improve the quality of your sight, and your overall quality of life.

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