How to Protect Children from Bullies

According to current statistics in the US, child bullying is very high. Bullying is physical-emotional abuse that is usually characterized by the following;

  • -Deliberate.
  • -Power imbalanced.
  • -Repeated.

They are the aspects that qualify a behavior to be referred to as bullying. The types of bullying can be listed as;

•Physical bullying-hitting, poking, pushing or beating up.

•Relational bullying-spreading rumors, excluding, influencing others to hurt another kid.

•Verbal bullying-taunting, yelling, insulting, name-calling or threatening to harm.

•Cyberbullying-sending of emotionally harming images or messages by phone or internet.

To protect kids from bullying, the following can be done;

1. Talk to your children about peer relationships and bullying.

Opening the topic of bullying is the first step to protect your kid from bullies. You make your kid trust you and be open about the matter. Showing your kid that you know some of these things makes them find a confidant in you. Tell them about bullying and the many forms in which it can happen.


After that, try and gather from them if any of the types of bullying has happened to them or is currently to them. You should be ready to protect your child from feeling inferior if they have encounter bullying. You should make them always be open to you if it happens to them.

2. Monitor your kid’s online activities.

Today, cyberbullying is familiar not only to kids but to also adults. You can, therefore, imagine what your innocent child may undergo while you are comfortable. You should always go through the history of stuff your kid is doing on their phone or laptop. You can also pay unannounced visits to your kid’s bedroom and see what they are doing. Setting rules to regulate the time your child spends online is also an effective way.

Your kid might be undergoing cyberbullying without your knowledge without your knowledge. They also may be bullying other kids who are now a failure on your part as their parent.

3. Encourage empathy.

Empathy is the ability always to understand other peoples feelings and trying to share them. Developing this in your kid can prevent them from being bullies. They treat other kids and peer as equals despite their race, age group or financial background. Make them empathetic always.

4. Respond most appropriately to bullying.

You should always be ready to deal with bullying. You should prove support to your child and listen to them carefully on the things they undergo daily. You should in return give them emotional support before dealing with the issue. If the bullying was at the school, you should contact the appropriate authorities and follow up for a response.

School bully, child being bullied in playground

By doing the above things, your children will be safe from bullies that may cause them emotional and physical harm. You should also consider modeling your son or daughter into someone courageous and outspoken. This enables them to face the menace of bullying with courage and report to you as the parent/guardian or to the relevant authorities if they encounter bullying.

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