How to Pick the Right Engagement and Wedding Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring for your better half can be somehow stressful. Your head is full of various ideas of how it can look and what your lover likes and what not. Should you choose something simple or maybe something ingenious?

For those who already found the best engagement ring and now need help in finding the wedding ring that would go nicely along with the engagement one, here are some useful advises that might help you in finding a perfect ring for that special day.

1. Try narrowing down your choices

This may sounds a bit overwhelming, but there is nothing you should panic about. Try to decide between platinum or gold for example, or between gemstones and diamonds. Think about the style of the ring and try to remember what your lover likes.

ring diamond shapes

For those who are already engaged, think about the idea of having the same ring as your partner or you maybe want to have different ones. When you think about all these questions, you will be ready for shopping. You can look up  jewelry store near me  for some interesting by browsing catalogs of the most popular jewelers.

2. Start your search on time

Once you made up your mind on how exactly you ring should look, it’s time for trying them on. You will need to start looking for your special ring three or four months before the wedding time. Use this time wisely and go for researching prices and revisiting all the rings that got chosen on your list.

If you fall in love with a custom ring, you will for sure need more time because it has to be made. You can get some ideas on custom wedding rings if you know where to look.

3. Set a budget

You must know that about 5 percent of your whole budget that is intended for a wedding is going to be spent on the rings. It all depends on the retailer and chosen material. A simple platinum ring or 14 karat gold one can cost more than 1500 dollars. If you want to decorate it with engraving or diamonds it can add almost 70% to the cost.

Engraving is really beautiful and it adds a personal touch to the rings, but it can be very expensive. The price of engraving usually depends on the used font, number of characters and if it’s made by machine or hand, which is more expensive.

4. How to guess the right size

Wedding and engagement ring are type of jewelry that is rarely taken off the finger. People wear them through all the seasons, when they exercise or during pregnancy. Every time when they fingers can get swollen and change their size from cold, heat and water. You are probably asking how choose a right size so you can avoid all these problems that can happen to everyone.


The best way to do it is to schedule your last ring fitting appointment at the time when your body temperature is normal and you feel calm and relaxed. You should never do it in the morning because of the water that had retained in your body overnight, or when you are really hot or cold, because the external temperature will change the real size of your fingers.

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