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About Care Bags 4 Kids and Jones Family


Happy family enjoy ,mother hugging her daughter.

Our Goal

It is our goal to share our family stories and tips for new parents. We are not perfect. We’ve been through a lot and we are here to talk about everything without prejudices.

History of Care Bags 4 Kids

Care Bags was founded by Linda Jones in September 2005, when her kids were 2 and 3. “I love all kids not just my own and wanted to do something to help make families lives better.” says Linda. Over the years, with increased support from her family and friends, Linda started her own blog. Her kids, Steve and Mary, are 5 and 7 in the photo you can see here. But now they are 8 and 10. Linda wants you to be a part of them growing up and learning from her mistakes, hardships, and everything nice in between.


It is our mission to help as many families we can, for as long as we can, and to encourage others to do the same. You can contact us if you have anything to say or you are interested in contributing with your family stories.

Child girl and dad with a kite on nature in summer